Electric Vehicle

Thunder Power, formerly known as Motomax Electric, was one of the best power tool OEMs in Taiwan and was listed in stock market since 2001. Seeing the inevitable trend and potential, Thunder Power stopped the traditional power tool business and evolved to focus on electric vehicle operations and intellectual property development. Through structuring and grouping its operations, not only is Thunder Power able to invite like-minded international engineers and investors, who passionately believe the future of automotive is electric vehicles, to participate, but the group is efficiently positioned for manufacturing and selling to the consumer car markets globally.
Thunder Power’s approach to electric vehicle design and development differs from its competitors in so far as rather than build internally, Thunder Power has sought out and partnered with top European leading designers and engineers in order to generate a class leading family of premium electric vehicles – of which the sedan is the first and which will be produced and sold in Europe and China as well as USA.

Thunder Power


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