Advanced Driver Assistance System

We are the leading South Korean company in active safety field based on image recognition.
Since 2006, we have supplied ADAS camera modules to different vehicle models of HYUNDAI , KIA and others.

Especially we have applied IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) to the around view monitoring system of heavy industrial equipment since 2014. The new around view system of PLK is being mass produced at this moment.

All of our products are being manufactured under the rigid OEM quality standard of Auto Makers.

ADAS camera

What we offer

1. Qualified Detection Algorithm with High Accuracy
2. ADAS Chip or modules for OEM/OES, finished products for OES/aftermarket
3. LDW, FCW, DHA (High Beam Assist), TSR, PD, AVM, Dash-CAM & DIT Tacho
4. The algorithms and products are tested in different regions including USA, Europe, Middle east, Australia and China.

What we are looking for

Global Tier-1 Vendors
Auto Makers
Fleet Management Companies
Dealer Shop Installers



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