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Germany / Saxony

Saxony Economic Development Corporation

We build bridges: Between Saxon companies and coooperation partners from abroad, between potential investors and Saxony´s regions and communes, between research and practice, between business ideas and economic success.

The portfolio includes:

- The latest data on Saxony’s economy and its business environment
- Customized service packages for business site selections
- Procurement of contacts with regional decision makers
- Information on opportunities for financial support and subsidy programs
- Access to branch networks in Saxony
- Assistance in opening up new markets and in initiating cooperative partnerships

Investment Services

What we offer

The state owned Saxony Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) builds bridges: For investors on their way to Saxony and for Saxony’s companies on their way to the world’s markets.


Head of Business Unit Mobility

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