Data Analytics / Software development

Qucit is a young innovative company from Bordeaux, France specializing in the development of tools for improving urban mobility. Qucit uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to help foster the emergence of smarter, more efficient cities. Qucit helps transport operators make sense of their data to improve operation processes, pricing and design more efficient networks.

Intelligent software tools for improving urban mobility

What we offer

We are a data analytics company with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

Citypark - a mobile app that optimizes motorists’ search for a parking spot. Citypark gives information of the availability and cost of parking, and provides the best recommendations based on users’ preferences in regards to price, distance to the final destination, and the time spent searching.

ParkPredict API - the API behind Citypark. ParkPredict API uses intelligent statistical models and analyzes contextual data sources (weather, traffic, special events, etc.) to provide parking recommendations.

BikePredict API - an API that predicts the future availability in bikeshare systems

Bikeshare Balancing - a predictive tool for improving load balancing activities

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners interested in incorporating our intelligent tools into their transport solutions. We are a dynamic company and can adapt our predictive solutions for any type of vehicle sharing system (bikeshare, carshare, motoshare, etc).


Business Development

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