What to expect when coming to Tlaxcala, México?

Strategic Location
Excellent infrastructure
Qualified labor force
Labor Stability
Quality Education
Personalized and professional attention

The State of Tlaxcala has become an attractive point of investment in Mexico due to its competitive advantages for the automotive industry; We are the best connected state in the country and we are located just at the middle of the automotive cluster of the region, barely minutes away from the new Audi plant and a few hours away from the other OEMs in Mexico.

This, together with the state's qualified personnel, labor stability, personalized and professional attention to new investors, makes Tlaxcala a good place to invest.

As today we count with the trust of 1st level companies that comes from all around the world, mainly Europe and America, but also Asia. The intense work of the state's government and its support to investors reflects in the growing automotive industry in the State.

What we offer

Tlaxcala offers the automotive Industry the ideal environmet for the sucessfull instalation of the company by providing:

1. Personalized and Professional attention to all the stages of the investment, including the evaluation
2. Strategic location that will easily connect the company to the main OEMs in Mexico
3. Quality of life at a low cost of living
4. Qualified labor force and labor stability; 2 vital factors for the growth of any company
5. Quality education with academic programs aligned to the growing automotive industry.
6. Excellent Infrastructure

But above all, the Government of Tlaxcala offers to be your partner in Mexico

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies that want to stablish in Mexico and want to be close to the main OEM's in the Country or its providers.

Companies that are interested in future expansion/relocation in Mexico, specifically in the automotive sector



Head of Investment Department

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