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Formel D – The Driving Force.

We are the driving force in the Automotive Service Industry. Team-spirited, professional and passionate, we lead the market in the development of concepts and individual, scalable solutions for quality assurance and process optimization along the entire automotive value chain.

Our core expertise is providing key, scalable services to get vehicles and components ready for the market and ensuring that service processes are implemented and optimized to a consistent quality and level of professionalism, no matter where in the world they are sought.

With a turnover of approximately €166 million (2014) Formel D has more than 5,500 passionate employees from 45 nations in more than 80 locations in 19 countries.

Technology is in a state of flux. Our passion does not wane.

What we offer

We offer our services along the entire automotive value chain - from product development to production through to aftersales. This end-to-end approach, coupled with our specific knowledge and extensive experience, creates synergies that play a key role in optimizing and safeguarding the quality of products and processes along the entire supply chain.

Backed by a strong, comprehensive range of quality and production services, we are your experienced partner for overall vehicle-related work in development, production and aftersales.
Whatever you requirement, benefit from the product solutions we offer in the form of engineering, consulting and training services or authoritative operator model. Our project success is based on a qualified and globally-standardized project management strategy.

What we are looking for

Potential customers we can support in product development, production and aftersales.

As a global partner to the automotive industry, we help our customers get vehicles and components ready for the market and make sure that service processes are implemented and optimized.



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