Formula car prototypes

Founded in 1999 in Aachen, Germany, Ecurie Aix was the second Formula Student Team in Germany.
Formula Student is an international design competition for engineering students. It helps using the theory
a student learns in class, to build a formula racing car.
Ecurie Aix is the Formula Student Team from the RWTH Aachen University.
Since the Formula Student electric was founded in 2010, Ecurie Aix started to build electric race cars only.
Our design for the next season is a four wheel drive concept.

Ecurie Aix - Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V.

What we offer

We offer you to send job- and/or thesis offers to our team internal mailing list. This helps your company to offer young and motivated students a job right after their final exams.

What we are looking for

Building a formula car would not be possible without sponsors.
Every year we need new parts, that need to be machined or raw material to machine it by ourselves.
We also need theory services such as extended vocational training to improve our team members and our car even more.
Furthermore we need monetary services, because Formula Student is a very expensive and high technology competition.



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