Electric Mobility

FIER Automotive is a business development agency focused on the automotive and (e-) mobility industry and retail sector. The consultants at FIER have extensive knowledge about electric mobility and a broad international network with public and private sector within the electric mobility sector.

Through a constant focus at the automotive and mobility sector FIER Automotive is involved in many important projects on national and international level, ranging from industry structure studies, cooperation and clustering and defining new strategies. By working with specialist partners worldwide, FIER Automotive is able to offer support for internationalisation plans in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and North America.

FIER has in-depth knowledge of the developments in the automotive and (e-)mobility sector, maintains access to foreign manufacturers and suppliers, and can call upon a network of contacts throughout the world-wide automotive industry.

Partners for International Business

What we offer

A cooperation program on electric mobility in Germany. Participants are companies, knowledge institutes and government from Germany and The Netherlands. The aim is to share knowledge on electric mobility and work together to reach the goal of enhancing the total numerb of electric vehicles on the roads in Germany and The Netherlands

What we are looking for

Cooperation partners in Germany who are interested to share knowledge and cooperate in different themes on electric mobility.



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