1. Small enterprise in Hwaseong, Korea
2. Since we established Hana Engineering in 1998, we have developed gas items for vehicels and built up the systems. Our technical know-how & practical experience can enable us to design and produce our own brand. Also now we have all items for vehicles.

Parts and accessories

What we offer

Our injector has many merits such as low noise, heat-resistance and condition of selection each fuel quantity. Also our injector is much more less than others in the variation of fuel quantity according to lasting use. It has ECE R67, ECE R110 and Austrailian certificate etc.

We desinged vaporizer with our own technology & know-how and developed it with our strict test process. It can be applied to any vehicles in the world. Let alone the component of our LPG Injection System or LPG DDF System, LPG Injection Vaporizer in itself sells like mad over the world.
In addition, Because our LPG Injection Vaporizer is designed compactly, it is convenient that you should install it inside vehicles. It has ECE R110.

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