Just charge mobile electricity anywhere. The Berlin based company ubitricity enables a significant cost reduction for EV charging infrastructure by using mobile metering and communication technology. EV users simply take their mobile meter along to every charging spot – integrated into the SmartCable or the EV. Charging spots are reduced to low cost SimpleSockets that no longer entail running costs for online communication and metering. Their compact dimensions allow for installation almost anywhere, e.g. at a wall or integrated into light poles.
ubitricity transfers the logic of mobile communication to the energy industry and enables metering and billing of energy for mobile meters. EV users carry their energy and tariff of choice along with them to the charging spot. ubitricity makes grid access affordable - including smart charging and billing.

Next Generation Charging: Ubiquitous Charging and Billing of EVs

What we offer

Electric vehicles are mobile electricity consumers - they require access to the power grid wherever they park on daily routines. The challenge is to offer economically profitable charging spots that can be installed anywhere EVs park.
ubitricity has found the solution to the problem: by transferring metering and billing technology to the SmartCable, the charging spot is reduced to a low cost and low maintenance SimpleSocket. Drivers and fleet managers can monitor and manage transactions and billing via the user portal ConnectivityManager. The systems guarantees flexibility, as the SmartCable is compatible with charging infrastructure from third parties.

What we are looking for

ubitricity will kick off serial production at this year’s IAA. We are looking to get in touch with car manufacturers and retailers, fleet service providers and fleet managers as well as charge spot providers, be them private or public.
In order to implement the ubitricity solution efficiently on a large scale, we want to cooperate directly with the automotive industry by establishing distribution partnerships with both producers and retailers.


Sales & International Project Manager

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