Automotive Electronics

Prodrive Technologies has a passion for automotive electronics. OEM needs are realized in-house, having a large workforce of the brightest engineers available, combined with highly automated mass production factories. This enables Prodrive's customers with better products at a shorter time to market. Prodrive Technologies HQ is based in the Netherlands, near Eindhoven.

A passion for automotive electronics

What we offer

Development and series production of automotive electronics
ISO-TS16949 certified and ISO 26262 applications

Power Electronics:
Active in power electronics since 1993, multiple automotive products. These include: Traction inverters, Auxiliary inverters and DC/DC converters

Ultra fine particle sensing:
A unique measurement system for ultra fine particles (UFP). UFP are so small that the human body cannot remove them. Therefor UFP are of even greater concern to human health than PM2.5 or PM10. UFP sensing enables onboard measurement of ultra fine particles in vehicles.

Control systems & Telematics solutions:
Multiple ECUs with different configurations. AUTOSAR based software and tooling is available to support automatic code generation. This enables flexible business models and a hardware/software responsibility split. Telematics solutions include V2X communication devices and fleet management systems.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners in the automotive industry.


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