re2you cloud browser

Re2you is a cloud browser that unites all a user's apps and devices in one ecosystem. Because it works over the cloud, re2you frees you from OS-dependency, allowing you to drag and drop content and apps between all devices. Re2you benefits all users, with a particular focus on the connected car, solving OS incompatibility, security, and data volume issues by replacing up- and downloads with drag and drop via secure cloud.

re2you GmbH

What we offer

Through its cloud-based interface, re2you allows the user to move content and apps via drag & drop between any app or device, including mobile, connected car, and IoT. re2you aggregates the user’s devices, tools, browsers, and apps into a streamlined, personalized toolbox. Our software is hardware and OS agnostic, allowing the user to swipe content wirelessly from an iMac to an Android phone or an iOS-based connected car. re2you responds to user input but does not data mine, which allows advertisers to reach target groups while simultaneously enabling users to maintain control over their data, providing a complete solution to the challenges of an increasingly mobile, connected world.

What we are looking for

We are looking to make connections with potential customers and strategic partners, especially OEMs looking for a connected car solution that is OS-independent and can encompass all a user's other devices, secure, and efficient for users and device manufacturers equally.



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