Digital Motorsport Marketing Platforms

Connecting brands and consumers by using mobile devices is the future of motorsport marketing. How to do it? With MotorMiles! MotorMiles Technologies has developed a unique Digital Marketing Platform, which helps to connect consumers and their favorite brands in the most innovative way.

The ultimate Motorsport Digital Marketing Platform

What we offer

As of January 2016, MotorMiles will enable automotive companies and those who want to present their brands, products or services in the motorsport environment to advertise via high-quality cross-media campaigns. So get into the pole position now!

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers and cooperation partners.

Customers who want:
1. To get to know their consumers
2. Get into a one-on-one-communication with them every day, and
3. at low costs

Customers, who want to upshift their Motorsport Marketing or Marketing to a male target group via a new completely mobile Digital Marketing Platform providing: Entertainment, Gamification and Loyalty.

Cooperation partners who want to be part in a new Digital Dimension in Motorsport in the area of:

1. Content
2. Media
3. X-Promotion



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