Dynamic lines and courageous bold contours shape the form of the magnificent Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto”. Born to pacify the desire for a car that has never existed before. Each line is a masterpiece of calculated thought, high-lighting the solid engineering that is handcrafted and refined in Germany. A car, created for the passionate and high-spirited fun of driving. The Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto” is a must have with its rare and limited edition of 15 pieces, delivering thrill and emotion at any speed.

Their owners choose their own personal color statement out of five extraordinary hues, providing a personal signature for this customized work of art.

Against all opposition in a non-existent automobile engineering environment such as Frankfurt, the Halcon SuperSport Team took the courage and passion to put the project into action in April 2013.

Halcon SuperSport “Falcarto” – Design meets Performance


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