Telecommunications and ICT services, M2M connectivity

Our powerful Connectivity, Telecom and Cloud infrastructure drives integrated ICT and media solutions that we tailor for your business. We stand apart with deep expertise gained over decades of serving thousands of customers.

In automotive our focus is on M2M connectivity. With more than a million SIMs on the road in Europe already, we are a true pioneer in the field of telematics. We have virtually 100% coverage in Europe, making us the preferred choice when network coverage is critical.

About TERALINK Solutions:
TERALINK Solutions provides international customers with Telecom and ICT services from POST Luxembourg. Founded in 1842, POST Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most respected telecommunications companies. Now a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated Telecom and ICT services with worldwide connectivity, POST Luxembourg created TERALINK Solutions to tailor innovative business solutions for international companies.

M2M Managed Connectivity

What we offer

With already more than one million SIMs on the road in Europe, we are a true pioneer in the field of M2M Managed Connectivity.
We connect products and vehicles to applications and services, then facilitate management of the connected device throughout its entire lifecycle. Our M2M managed services can also enable billing, sales, inventory control, customer interactions and much more. Our control center is based on the Jasper platform.
Our main competitive advantage is our network coverage, which is virtually 100% in Europe.
Apart from M2M Managed Connectivity we also offer international solutions for high-capacity connectivity, satellite uplink/downlink, data storage, managed security, IT/Cloud/Media services and business consulting resources for national and international organizations.

What we are looking for

We would like to meet with any customer who is in need of M2M Managed Connectivity or international ICT solutions.


Head of International Sales

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