Tom-Ferr Plc. is located with a production plant in Tata, Hungary and with headquarter in Budapest, Hungary located next to the main highway (M1). As a Tier2 supplier for the automotive industry, the company processes steel tubes for Tier1 companies. This includes cut, bended, laser processed, milled, drilled, pressed and welded parts such as thresholds, suspension parts,cross car beams, seat elements or wiper systems.

Formed steel tubes for automotive industry

What we offer

Tom-Ferr Plc. offers high quality products for its customers coming from its 25 years experience in the steel tube industry. Tom-Ferr Plc. offers formed steel tube products such as cross car beams, seat elements, treshholds, suspension parts and wiper systems. The company implements the newest machines with the latest technology (BLM bending machines, Adige laser machine, RSA cutting machine, Fanuc welding robot, etc.) to meet the changing customer needs in the dynamic automotive industry.

What we are looking for

We are looking for other players from the automotive industry such as Tier1s and OEMs, whose product portfolio includes formed steel tubes (e.g. car seats, bumpers, holders, suspension systems, wiper systems).


Project Manager

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