- Manufacture and application of electronic integrated circuits
- Manufacture of electrical apparatus for switching, protecting and connecting
- Establishment: 2003
- Employees: 31

Parts and accessories

What we offer

[LED applications]
- Automotive applications:
▶ LED packages (red, yellow) or LED modules used for automotive tail lights
→ representing colors in a white conversion way using phosphors instead of using pure color chips
→ superior in representing colors because of a wider range of spectral distributions, when compared to the color distributions of the pure chips
→ This white conversion technology is applicable to both SMD and COB types

▶ LED Packages (white) and LED Modules used for automotive indoor lights
→ having high CRI (Ra 99) -> excellent in representing all colors (R1~R15)
→ perfectly suitable for cosmetic light(indoor light)
→ R9(strong red), R12(strong blue) over 95

What we are looking for

- Manufacturer of LED Module, LED Fixture
- Assembler of LED Lamp



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