- Aluminum Alloy Wheel Manufacturer in Jeonbuk, South Korea
- Establishment: 2008
- Employees: 220

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- Lightweight
Aluminum's specific gravity is 1/3 compared to steel, reduce the weight of suspension 30%. Lower suspension 1kg weight reduction can be expected to reduce the effect of the body weight is 10~15kg
- Heat Conductivity
Due to the material makeup of aluminum, heat created by a vehicle's brakes is allowed to dissipate much easier and quicker, increasing their lifespan and stability
- Corrosion
Aluminum does not rust like iron or copper, it able to preserve the long-term aesthetic appearance. Especially, Aluminum alloy wheel is very suitable for harsh natural conditions
- Comfortable Driving
Aluminum alloy wheel have a better shock absorption compared to steel wheels and in particular it functions well on the unpaved road. In addition, Aluminum alloy wheel is precision machined products, it can comfortable driving by reducing trembling
- Adhesiveness
High precision of the rim shape and good adhesion is no air leaks in the Tubeless Tire

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