- Various valve manufacturer in Jeonju-city, South Korea
- Establishment: 2013
- Employees: 30

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ECV controls the discharge of the Variable Compressor of the cooling cycle of the automobile A/C system. ECV receives the electrical signal [0-1.0A] from ECU and supplies of the flow (refrigerant) of discharge pressure [Pd] to the swashplate control case by proportional control using the suction pressure[Ps] / discharge pressure[Pd] of the refrigerant inside the compressor. We are proud to launch a structure-optimized and miniaturized cost-reduction model, which adopts 4-way method securing the Pc->Ps pathway to prevent the delay of initial activation.

The valve was developed as cost-effective compared to existing models by improving the assembly method and changing the material [Brass -> PA46]. The valve shuts off the oil flow when the air-conditioner of the Variable Compressor is OFF with improved noise by assembling the SDD (Suction Damping Device) in the Rear Head Suction Port.

DCV (Discharge Check Valve) prevents the external movement of the refrigerant inside the variable swashplate compressor up to certain pressure level to maintain the swashplate at 0° when the variable compressor does not operate and to avoid performance degradation during operation.

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Manufacturer of automobile compressor for HVCC


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