- Manufacturer of Fuel-Saving Smart Clutch Control System in Iksan-city, South Korea
- Automated Clutch:
Automated Clutch is a clutch control device that offers automated gear shift in manual transmission vehicles, without having to work the clutch pedal. Gear shifting is attained by maneuvering the brake pedal or turning on or off a switch placed on the shifter.
- Establishment: 2000
- Employees: 13

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Advantages of Fuel-Economy Smart Clutch:

- The fuel-economy Smart Clutch is a true innovation. Its electronic clutch control system shifts gear just like automatic transmission, but preserves all the benefits of manual transmission, i.e.superior power and and mileage and remedies any challenges that arise from demanding mastery level or fatigue concern. It is environmentally friendly, too, significantly reducing CO2 emission.

- The most significant feature of this mechanism is that it is designed to allow flexible driving after the vehicle's safety has been secured. Its 10 to 25% oil savings corresponds to the national green growth policy, which makes it a highly feasible business as it will attract both suppliers and buyers.

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