New mobility; peer-to-peer carsharing

We are excited to be part of the new mobility revolution and establish a peer to peer car rental service in Germany. Drivy is the #1 p2p car rental service in Europe with now 700.000 users and we are expanding. After just 6 months we have grown to 5.000 cars and 100.000 users in Germany. We love to take Drivy to new markets (Spain just launched in July) and grow the established ones. Our aim is to have an affordable car to rent at every street corner in Europe.

Drivy – drive the cars next door

What we offer

We are the #1 peer-to-peer carsharing company in Europe. We are at the intersection between mobility revolution, mobile and online services. We are serving more than 700.000 users and have 35.000 car owners who rent out their car through Drivy.

Car owners offset their running car costs by renting the car out. We are now operating in France, Germany and Spain, with more countries quickly to follow. The whole service is fully insured through our trusted partner, the Allianz AG.

What we are looking for

Partnerships in marketing with complementary brands and organizations of the multi-mobility world. Companies from established as well as new players which are keen to shape the industry of new mobility.


Partner Relations Manager

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