Saleri is a leading company in the design, development, testing and production of water pumps and cooling systems for the automotive industry.

Industrie Saleri Italo was founded in Lumezzane (Italy) in 1942 as a manufacturer of mechanical parts. Today, Industrie Saleri Italo is the parent company of an international group with over 370 employees.

Headquarters: Lumezzane (Italy)
Foreign Branch: Shanghai

The company’s solutions range from standard mechanical and modular water pumps to electrical, adjustable and variable pumps with flow regulation through capacity-increasing device.

For more information: www.saleri.com

Saleri - High Quality cooling system solutions

What we offer

Saleri is a leading company in the design, development and production of water pumps and cooling systems for the automotive industry. Thorough research and development, flexible technical solutions and continuously updated quality standards are distinctive features of the "Saleri method" – adding value to every single of our products.
Saleri is intensely involved in every stage of product development. To ensure maximum efficiency and speed, Saleri uses a simulation environment for a large part of new product development, with constantly updated software to ensure extremely high reliability. Best result are guaranteed by continuous monitoring of our systems and attention to each manufacturing phase.

What we are looking for

Customers: Saleri decided to exibit at IAA to provide clients the possibility to explain how Saleri works in developing ideas: from the initial design to the final product. Come and meet with our engineers! They will be at your disposal to explain the cooling needs and to plan the best proposal that maximizes the energy efficiency in automotive applications.

Partners/Suppliers: Saleri is searching for companies dealing in the Automotive field as Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 supplier for thermal management applications, mechanical parts, electronics and motors, plastic components
ISO TS16949 based, integrated R&D as well testing & validation. EU locations and/or worldwide presence as plus


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