powertrains and transmissions

Punch Powertrain is an independent full system supplier of fuel efficient powertrains. We offer CVTs, DCTs, hybrid and EV powertrains.

DT1, VT5

What we offer

DT1 is 7 speed wet clutch DCT. Torque levels are up to 170 Nm. Due to innovative approach number of components could be minimized, making this an excellent replacement for AMT transmissions in terms of cost.
VT5 is a new CVT with a torque converter. Torque range is up to 250 Nm for the first variant. Other variants to follow. VT5 has the largest ratio coverage of any single stage CVT so far and it has the most advanced hydraulics systems in order to optimize its efficiency.

What we are looking for

For DT1: OEMs that are looking for a cost-effective AT solution for the European and emerging markets.

For VT5: OEMs that are looking for a transmission solution that offers excellent comfort, but most of all top-class fuel efficiency.


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