Stamping, Deepdrawing, Assemblies

Ernst Umformtechnik GmbH is a global operating Group with core competences in stamping, deepdrawing and assemblies. Ernst has production facilities in Germany, France, USA and China and is able to deliver for global platforms. More than 600 People work for Ernst and generate more than 100 Million EUR turnover. We have stamping and Transfer presses from 40 to 1.000 tons. Additionally we have in-house-capacities in vibratory grinding, washing, laser welding, subsequent turning and otther Kinds of assemblies. With our external Partners we can offer processes and Services like heat Treatment and coating.
Ernst has a own advance development department to Support our customers, a own prototype deparment, a own tooling design department and a own toolshop for Serial toolings.
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Stamping - Deepdrawing - Assemblies

What we offer

Core competences are stamping and deepdrawing of metal components. Main sectors of our Company are:

- HVAC (e.g. collectors)
- Powertrain (e.g. Blocker rings, pressure plates)
- Electrics (e.g. ABS housings, Motor housings)
- Safety (e.g. Airbag diffusers)
- waste gas (e.g. actuator Lever)

Additionally we doing assemblies with following operations:
- turning
- laser welding
- MIG welding
- resistance / pressure welding
- clinching / toxing

What we are looking for

- Companies with demand in stamped / deepdrawn metal parts
- Purchaser for stamped / deepdrawn metal parts
- Contact to potential customers automotive / non-automotive
- Contact to commodities for stamped / deepdrawn metal parts
- TIER 1 suppliers


Key Account Manager

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