acad engineering - driven by evolution
acad engineering is a specialist in the development of automotive interior. Our customers include OEMs, Tier-1 & Tier-2. Special knowledge we have acquired within the last 20 years in the areas of armrests (front/rear), headrests, cup holders & seat components.

acad prototyping - driven by improvement
acad prototyping produces plastic prototypes with an express injection moulding process. Quantities between 50 & 1000 parts can be delivered within 5-15 working days. Applicable are all available thermoplastics. Due to the segmented design of the tools manufactured from high-strength aluminium, changes can be implemented quickly on request.

Engineering and injection molding prototypes

What we offer

acad engineering:
- Development of automotive interior (Headrests, armrests, cupholder...)
- Weight reduction through plastics-oriented design

acad prototyping:
Injection molded plastic parts for prototypes and small series up to 1000 pcs.
The prices of the manufactured from high-strength aluminum tools start at 2000 € & depend on size and complexity. They are max. geared to part sizes up to 600mm & a shot weight of 700g. Applicable are all available on the market thermoplastics. Tool changes to customer requirements can be quickly realized because of the segmented construction.



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