Light Electric Vehicle (LEV)

Green Ride was founded in 2011 by a group of senior automotive engineers, designers and business management experts who realized the time has come for a change in urban mobility.
Our goal is to free passengers from their daily car centric existence and use of current inefficient transport methods.


What we offer

Green Ride's goal is to free urban commuters from their daily use of current inefficient transport methods.
Inu is electric, easily operated and highly portable. It exhibits fabulous form and a stimulating rider experience. It is the first Personal Electric Vehicle to match luxury car standards in design, comfort and performance.
When not in use, Inu robotically transforms itself into a handy trolley, accompanying its owner on trains, buses, elevators, escalators and into the workplace.
On-board GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi make Inu the world’s first Digital Scooter enabling user, vehicle and environment to engage in surprising new ways.

What we are looking for

We are looking for strategic partners for marketing, financing and development who are operating in the markets of US, Europe and Asia, mainly on the fields of electric mobility, Urban transportation, personal mobility and future transportation.



Partners and Customers Engagement Manager

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