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Kesens engages in engine management system and its sensors and engine actrator design,development and manufacturing. KESENS has unique technology and wide product portfolio in ECU,oxygen sensors,electronic throttle bodies and other core components of the engine management system.KESENS also develops and invests in injectors,turbochargers and other core automotive parts,to become domestic first-class and global famous engine management system supplier.
KESENS Automotive Systems(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. has beencooperated with Shanghai GM,Shanghai Volkswagen,FAW-Volkwagen,SAIC-GM-Wuling,Weifang Diesel Engine,Peugeot,Suzuki,etc.

What we offer

1. Engine management system
1.1. Engine control unit (ECU)
1.2. TMAP sensor
1.3. Throttle position sensor
1.4. Idle air control valve
1.5. Injector
1.6. Canister purge valve
1.7. Cam position sensor
1.8. Ignition coil
1.9. Oxygen sensor
1.10. Coolant temperature sensor
1.11. Knock sensor
1.12. Crank position
1.13. Alarm system
2. AMT control system
3. Starter and alternator
4. Fuel supply system


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