Location: Turkey
Organisation: Hot forging & Drop forging industry
General information:
Omtas achieved approximately 20 Mio. Eur turnover with 300 employees.
Omtas was founded in 1968. Omtas forged steel parts in various lengths and shapes weighing from 0,5 to 150 kg can be produced by Omtas in accordance with international standards, legal terms and customer requirements.
Our products are for example: Pistons, camshafts, crankshafts, Commonrail, Knuckles, Axle, Gear Blanks and Connecting Rods etc.
We have european customers such as BRP-Powertrain, Motorenfabrik HATZ, BPW and local customers such as Ford, Turk Traktör, Delphi


What we offer

Omtas produce hot and drop forging parts and is specialized on the production high-quality safety-related parts particularly of for example crankshafts, camshafts, Gear Blanks ,Knuckles, Pistons and other type forging parts.

What we are looking for

Omtas is looking for new potential clients in order to establish business relationships .
We are interested in all industries which use forging parts in their products or consider changing them to forged parts.
We are looking for companies using forged parts which are operating in automotive agricultutre mining heavy duty vehicles etc. .


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