Safe and Smart Mobility

TASS International is a consolidation of five automotive divisions - Software and Services, Homologations, Safety Center, Powertrain Center and Mobility Center – resulting in a single business entity that supports the transport industry developing safety systems that lead to smarter, safer and greener vehicles.

We offer reliable virtual models, simulation software, engineering services and testing facilities that support further reduction of emissions, improve real-life safety and facilitate (electro) mobility to OEM vehicle manufacturers, 1st tier suppliers and governmental organisations around the world.

It is our vision to create future virtual labs, thereby helping our customers to increase the release time and speed to market.

Safe and Smart Mobility

What we offer

Software products, testing facilities & engineering solutions

1. PreScan is physics-based simulation platform that is used in the automotive industry for development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are based on sensor technologies such as radar, laser/lidar, camera and GPS. PreScan is also used for designing and evaluating vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication applications.

2. MADYMO is the worldwide standard software for analysing and optimizing occupant safety designs. It is without rival for its accuracy, efficiency and versatility.

3. Delft-Tyre is able to simulate the tyre properties and performance, enabling accurate vehicle simulations. By reporting on a particular tyre model’s effects on a vehicle’s likely behaviour (suspension, steering, brakes etc), the system offers a powerful tool in defining the interaction between road and vehicle. This has significant benefits for designing greater safety, comfort and durability into future tyres and vehicles.

1. Cooperative Mobility: TASS International Mobility Center provides services and facilities for testing in the fields of cooperative mobility, connected vehicle systems, and automated driving.
Vehicle Hardware-In-the-Loop

2. VeHIL allows developers to test and evaluate the functionality of a complete vehicle safety, as well as its subsystems and sensors, in controlled yet realistic circumstances. VeHIL is a fast and flexible route to developing and evaluating your advanced driver assistance (ADA) development programme. VeHIL can be connected to simulation tools like MADYMO or PreScan to simulate with occupant injury, pre-crash testing, advanced design and evaluation of intelligent vehicle systems, and development & validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

3. Integrated Vehicle Safety: Research into improved vehicle design and restraint systems, including integral safety - combination of passive and active safety - and seat comfort.

4. Engineering: Dedicated and customer focused solutions using global engineering capability.


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